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Learn to Trade from Anywhere

Step by Step

When buying stocks, investors are tied to purchasing the asset at market value. Purchasing a large amount of stocks can be expensive and prohibitive – so much so that some people don’t invest their funds in the markets.

The solution is trading binary options, which gives you access to the same markets and assets without having to physically purchase the stock!

Step 1

Regulation requirements

As a CySEC regulated broker authorized to provide services under license number 207/13, we adhere to strict guidelines which create a safe and secure trading environment.

Prior to funding your account you shall be required to respond to a short set of questions that shall help us evaluate your experience in the financial markets and put together a short economic profile. The whole process does not take more than two minutes to complete.

You will also be asked to provide us with some documents confirming your identity and place of residence.

Step 2

Fund Your Account

In order to trade binary options you first need to open a trading account and place your first deposit. You can start with as little as $250 and open positions with $10 and above! A deposit can be made by credit card, wire transfer or an online payment service such as Skrill.

TIP! When placing your first deposit, make sure to ask your account manager about any promotions or FREE welcome bonuses – you may be eligible for a Bonus* of up to 100%.

*Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.  Our staff are always available to assist you in understanding the Bonus Terms and Conditions.

Click Here Click Here  to fund your account!

Every day there are numerous factors in the market that influence the assets offered in our trading platform.

Step 3

Explore Your Trading Platform

Tutusfx' award-winning platform is your gateway to the markets. Once you fund your account you should visit the trading platform and familiarize yourself with the tools and instruments needed to help you trade binary options.


At any time, you can visit the binary options trading guide to learn all about your trading platform – from tradable assets, tools, functionality and more!

To explore a list of tradable assets, Click Here!

Risk Warning: Trading Binary Options may lead to loss of your invested capital

Binary options are so popular with traders because of the confidence gained by knowing, from the moment the option is opened, the exact amount earned in a successful option or lost in an unsuccessful option. Essentially when opening a trade you decide whether the price of an asset will rise or fall in a specific time, e.g., will the value of oil rise or fall in the next 60 seconds?


Step 4

Choose and Trade

Successful traders tend to have a strategy, either focusing on one or several assets and various trade types. Trading a wide selection of options can help to expand your portfolio.


With over 100 assets – from foreign currency pairs to stocks, indices and commodities – any strategy you choose to pursue is one that tutusfx can accommodate.

As such, understanding all the opportunities available to you and taking advantage of them is key to your success.

Trading Education Creates a Solid Foundation

At tutusfx we give you access to the largest information center, powerful trading tools and real-time data. Furthermore, our Video Trading Academy is packed with videos and webinars aimed to help beginners, intermediate traders and experienced professionals.

Visit the Video Trading Academy and review the curriculum.  Once you find a course that’s right for you, watch the video at your own pace and learn why trading binary options has become popular with countless investors around the globe.

Open your free trading account Open your free trading account  now and take advantage of daily opportunities!

Risk Warning: Trading Binary Options may lead to loss of your invested capital

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