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About Tutusfx

The threshold to create and operate a Marketing Network is quite high! Therefore, a one-stop solution is provided by the Tutusfx Community for anyone to create a unique Network without any thresholds. Meanwhile, with the help of TT Token Reward Mode, the operation threshold can be reduced effectively, with a short startup period. Cryptocurrency, currency and commodity instrument traders have traded for years without incentives or adequate motivation to match their passion for the trends. Tutusfx presents a system that seeks to improve the analysis and trading of its instrument traders with relevant tools and incentives aimed at motivating traders and network operators, alike. In view of the application experience in blockchain, Tutusfx Community comprises a bottom layer using a decentralized blockchain accounting-book to record the ownership information of trade products, and deal with the transaction of trade products by virtue of smart contracts so that the ecosystem economy of Network will be transparent and clear; while the application layer shall make use of efficient centric development architecture so as to fully guarantee the good performance of all read and write operations as well as to effectively avoid the problems of long confirmation duration, high cost and congestion-inducing, thus the smooth and interactive experience of Network products can be guaranteed at the extreme.

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